AfriPeeps Forum- Scam or Legit?

October 13th, 2023
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AfriPeeps forum is an online forum that pays you for your activities on the forum, activities you get paid for include creating threads, posting comments, creating new forums, getting reactions from other members etc.

AFRIPEEPS simply stands for AFRICA PEOPLE, a Forum meant for all Africans, this forum comes with a number of benefits stated below:

♻️ On AfriPeeps, you can get paid to ask and answer to questions or if you have knowledge or thoughts to share.

♻️ In addition, you get paid when someone like your post or thread, you also get paid when someone start following you.

♻️ Currently, there is a huge demand for people who can provide insights on many topics. This is a great opportunity for those who need a side hustle and want to earn extra cash.

Here is a detailed explanation of how to accumulate AfriPeeps points for money.

♻️For creating a thread.

♻️For posting in a forum.

♻️For replying to a post.

♻️When someone like your comment or post.

♻️When someone start following you, you earn.

♻️When you answer a question, you earn.

♻️When you answer a poll.

♻️When you refer a new member.

♻️You can convert your AfriCoins into cash as soon as you reach 3,000 AfriCoins by requesting a withdrawal on the payout day and providing your payment information on your profile.

♻️Withdrawal request can be placed anytime and payment will be processed between 2-3 business working days.

♻️Payment options: PayPal, Chipper Cash, and local Bank transfers.

Prerequisites for referral verification:
Your referrals must post 5 comments or threads before you can be awarded the referral bonus.

🤑 Make Money By Making Use of This Wonderful Forum..💸💸

♻️Reg fee is absolutely free

💸 payment is 💯 assured .

♦️💯 Legit.

♦️No investments needed.

♦️No Stress with withdrawal.

♦️ Very easy to use forum 👌

♦️ Pays Directly to your Local Bank Account or in USDT…💵

♦️Register now and Make money by Just Making Use of This Great Forum..🤑🤑

Your payout is 101% guaranteed

Steps To Earn And Withdraw:

🔹️ Register
🔹️Login Daily 💸
🔹️Post Interesting Topics
🔹️Post Meaningful Comments
🔹️Answer Questions
🔹️Complete Polls
🔹️Like and follow other members
🔹️Refer New Members (Just an option)

Click on the link Below To Register And Get Started 🤑

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