Meet the Ghanaian Socialite actress Hajia Bintu

October 8th, 2023
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The Ghanaian socialite and budding in person of actress Hajia Bintu, is popularly known for her outstanding performances and she has taken the internet by storm with a recent video of her intense gym session.

However, it’s not just her very dedication to fitness she displays in the video that has captured internet users’ attention, but also the vivid exposure of the socialite thighs and her curvaceous figure, buttressed by her tight leggings.

In the middle of the trending video, netizens have been showing different reactions, over if her new banging body is the result of natural development or surgical enhancement.

Some netizens believe that her curvaceous figure is totally natural as they are citing her past appearance when she was a teenager to substantiate their claims.

Some of her fans have also argued that her transformation from a curvy teen to a voluptuous woman is entirely possible, they gave her age and the natural changes that has occur during the transition from her adolescence to adulthood.

On the other hand, some people have asserted that her new curves might not be totally natural.

These netizens have contended that Hajia Bintu’s transformation is way too sudden and also dramatic to be totally attributed to natural growth.

What is your own take?

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