Man shares sacrifices he’s made in his marriage to show that compromise doesn’t have to be one-sided in a union

January 6th, 2024
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A man has detailed some of the sacrifices he has made in his marriage.

He shared his experience amid the debate about a woman waking by 4am to cook her husband’s lunch so he won’t keep eating his female colleague’s food.

The woman’s story led to conversations about sacrifices in marriage and how women are mostly the ones expected to compromise and make sacrifices.

A Facebook user replied, calling on men to also share sacrifices they’ve made so people can know that compromise in marriage is not one sided.

Responding to this, a Facebook user, with the name Derby Milano, shared how he moved from his house which was close to his office to a house very far from work just so that they could live close to his wife’s work place.

He said this sacrifice means that instead of waking by 7:30am to prepare for work, he now wakes by 4am and spends way more on transportation to get to work.

He also added that when he’s home, he does chores, guides his kids in doing their homework, and generally makes himself useful.

He explained that because of the sacrifices he makes, his wife has no issues reciprocating.

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