Husband burns hotel after catching his wife sleeping with another man inside one of its rooms – Video

October 21st, 2023
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It has been reported that a heartbroken husband has found himself at the epicentre of a very harrowing incident.
Fueled by anger and rage, the husband reportedly rushed to a hotel’s premises following a tip-off he received that his wife having intercourse with another man.

The events that followed was a chain of events that left many in disbelief.

According to initial reports, it was gathered that the husband, gripped by a tumultuous mix of emotions, arrived at the hotel in haste, fueled by a surge of adrenaline.

The grim confirmation of his wife’s infidelity awaited him in one of the hotel’s rooms, where he discovered her in an intimate embrace with her lover.

The intensity of the heartbreak and betrayal was so overwhelming for him and in a sudden and impulsive act, the husband, whose identity remains unrevealed, darted outside to purchase a gallon of petrol.

He eventually returned to the hotel’s premises just to set the entire building on fire thereby destroying properties worth millions of Ghana cedis.


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